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BuyBrand.Online is a premium domain marketplace to bring you high-quality premium domains.

I have best domains to boost your business and add credibility to your website and to your email address.

I work hard to find the best domain names, placing them in a simple to use website and making your buying experience fast and easy.

This website is filled with premium-quality domain names, please take the time to search and find what you are looking for.

Good Domain Names Appreciate

buy-viagra-online-cheapest.com might be just fine for someones 100th pharma site. We all know it's going to be blitzed eventually, anyhow ;)

For such domains, brand is never going to be a major consideration. But for most other projects, I'd recommend devoting time to brand considerations and credibility factors.

Once you have a good, brand-able domain name, it will very likely appreciate.

As time goes on, good domain names become more scarce. Add to this the associations you're building, and the domain name can become a valuable asset in it's own right. 

The brand name should be unique and memorable, and partly describes the function.

If you build a brand to the point where it becomes a searchable phrase i.e "vip transfer" you'll enjoy the same benefit as the guys who own the exact match domain names. You'll find it easier, and cheaper, to dominate both organic and PPC listings.

Internet Real Estate 

Internet real estate has become a popular phrase to include the online 'property' of domain names and web sites. Like physical real estate, which include land and buildings, internet real estate has domain names and web sites.

Each domain name is like land, it is a place where people can go and it can be built on.

Physical real estate can be in good high value or poor low value districts. Internet real estate also has high and low value districts. From an investment perspective, the highest value domain name 'land' will be descriptive, have the .com, .net, .shop, .vip, .gold extension and have a lot of traffic. Like the real world, there is only a finite amount of prime 'land' as each spot is unique.

Building on the online 'land' is similar also - you could put a small 'parking' page at your domain name, just like a parking lot on the physical equivalent. Or you could build a massive online store with hundreds of web pages akin to building large department store in real life.

Developing the land costs time and money, so only prime land warrants a large investment.

People visit the sites/stores - the more that people visit and the more motivated they are, the better your business will be.

What is luxury digital property

Domain names are the same as regular real estate. Why do you buy an apartment, a house or even commercial property? You buy a home to live in. Of course, you would still look for a property that is going to give you some sort of return on your investment in time. You buy a property as an investment. So let’s take a look at domain real estate. You buy it for your business to have a web presence, a place to talk about your sports teams or simply share your hobbies and interests with other like-minded people. It’s your home online.

As the saying goes “Location Location Location” is all important when buying an investment property. So how do you define this in the digital world? Well, .com is the all-powerful top-level domain (TLD) and holds value regardless of the geography. If you got in early and have a good .com domain, it is like owning a chunk of 5th Avenue, NY. But a good short punchy and relevant domain with a .com extension is so hard to come by these days. However, things are changing and with the new gTLD’s you have another chance to get in early and buy prime real estate. With extensions like .vip, .shop and .gold you can now own a piece of prime real estate like Manhattan or Mayfair.

The Advantages of buying .VIP, .GOLD, .SHOP Domain Name

  • Clean and easy to remember your domain name and website address 
  • Brandable business name 
  • Easy to use for online or offline marketing campaigns 
  • Looks great on billboards and business cards 
  • 100% ownership of this domain 
  • .VIP, .GOLD are one of New Top Level Domains 
  • .VIP, .GOLD are segments that offer luxury goods and premium services 
  • Easy and secure domain transfer process to you 
  • Better SEO strategy 
  • Excellent investment 

Purchase process

Once agreement is reached, the transaction will be carried out using Escrow service, a licensed and regulated online escrow company. 

Payoneer Escrow, DN.com, Escrow.com and Uniregistry market are my preferred payment providers.

Escrow service acts like a middle man in the process, holding your payment until ownership of the domain is transferred to you.


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